About Scotch Pines


Our business was started in 1993  by Will and Vivian Stoppel. It is now owned by their daughter April Stoppel as a full-time career and is the largest dog training school in Idaho, and one of the largest in the nation. We enjoy tremendous support from veterinarians, law enforcement officials, and humane societies of the Treasure Valley.
 Because our classes number 200 dogs per week and we board up to 30 dogs per day in our boarding facility, we've been privileged to work over the years with thousands of dogs of all breeds-- huge dogs, aggressive dogs, sensitive dogs, rambunctious dogs, timid dogs, petrified dogs, abused dogs, young dogs and old dogs. 
 We love them all and we welcome the chance to work with you and your special dog soon!


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About Your Trainer


My name is Sarah Crozier and I have always been a dog lover, but after finding myself with a puppy that was a little more than I could handle, I needed some serious help. I took our puppy, Billie, through Scotch Pines Dog Training when she was 6 months old and not only did it change my dog, it changed the relationship I had with her. She became a dog that was enjoyable to be around and she receives compliments wherever we go. I have trained many dogs through different programs , but I have never seen results like what I have gotten with the Scotch Pines Dog Training method. After taking Billie through the class, I knew I wanted to share this method with other people. I saw a transformation that was so amazing and drastic that I wanted to share this method with anyone that is struggling or just wants a better relationship with their dog. I am excited to introduce Scotch Pines Dog Training to Eastern Idaho and share it with all of you!