Aggression Management Class--



Canine aggression is a serious matter, causing great harm and even death to 

humans, other animals and ultimately to the aggressive dog himself, as biters are 

usually euthanized. 


Puppies can be taught not to become aggressive very easily. However, once a dog 

has matured, he cannot be rehabilitated without firm measures. Methods that 

claim to be modern and gentle (shaking a can of pennies, rolling him on his back, 

or redirecting his attention) simply do not work. 


At Scotch Pines we use a firm, yet humane and safe, correction that has cured 

many, many pets of aggression within a few days, sometimes even sooner. In 

a controlled environment, we set the dog up by introducing the stimulus that 

usually prompts his aggressive behavior, (other dogs, strangers, cats, children, 

food, or his owner giving him a command). We correct immediately in a way that 

communicates to the dog exactly what behavior is “wrong.” We introduce the 

stimulus again, and if he shows continued aggression we correct again. If instead 

he assumes a peaceful body posture, we pet and praise him mightily. This process 

is repeated in different settings, with his owner correcting and praising the dog 

until non-aggression becomes the new way of life. . .new habits and positive 


Tuition for the Aggression Management --$80 One on one

This is a one time class that gives you the tools to work on your dogs aggression. 

I always recommend the obedience class to help solidify all work done with the dog. 



If you are concerned about your dogs aggressive behavior,

please fill out form for an appointment. 

We have started our busy season with group classes, there is limited availability for aggression management classes at this time. 

( Cancellation policy: Please allow 24 hours notice if you must cancel as that allows us to offer the spot to someone else. If you do not cancel within 24 hours or do not show up for your class, if you'd like to reschedule, there will be a $25 no show fee added to the class fee.)

One aggression class has made the biggest difference already. Sarah was super professional and worked so well with my pup and helped me to learn the proper skills to manage aggression and anxiety. My dog is already much happier without the anxiety and agression she faced. Can't wait to attend a group class soon.--River's Mom

Took my dog for aggression only course and I am amazed at the immediate difference I could see in my dog. It makes me excited to take her places with me now!