Idaho Falls Group Classes

Our Obedience class in Idaho Falls is a class unlike anything you’ve seen before. We base our class on distractions so that your dogs can learn to obey in the real world.

We cover all the basics commands in our eight-week course by building the foundation of training by teaching our dogs precisely what we expect.  We then proof those commands with distractions. 

Our first week starts with a little chaos, dogs come into class pulling owners, overexcitement is felt by almost all and the barking... within 5-10 minutes of class, we start to see the calm, and then the main part of that session is getting our dogs to focus on us, so as we leave the first class, we see dogs walking calmly next to their owner just by playing a simple game.

As the class progresses, so do the distractions.  During the first three weeks, the biggest distraction for the dog is the other dogs and other people in the class. Starting week four WE bring in things like raw hamburger, bunnies, goats, and tennis balls to test the dogs training.


 This course, like anything else--results come with hard work and following the plan we teach you. It is step-by-step, one skill built on the previous skill until we reach the dog's full potential. Come ready to work hard, enjoy your dog, and create a different relationship with your dog.

I genuinely love my clients, and when you train with me, you become family.

Upon graduation, you receive a free pass to the group class to continue any training you still need or drop in for refreshers anytime you'd like.

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What makes us different than other programs?
Our tuition covers
  • equipment for the class
  • a forum to ask questions outside of class
  • a video library with everything we teach
  •  life time support for your dog 

Commands your dog will

learn both on and off leash:

Heel- to walk calmly at your left side,

pacing himself to your speed,

enjoying the scenery,

but paying attention to you   

Automatic sit- to sit automatically at

heel when you stop walking.

Sit- to sit instantly on one command.

Down- to lie down instantly on one command.

Stay-to stay in a sitting, lying or standing position.

Come- to come instantly on one command.

Finish- to circle around into the heel position.

We cover many behavior issues and 

canine enrichment for a well rounded