Obedience Classes

Our obedience classes are held as a group to help your dog deal with the distraction of other dogs, to help the dogs learn how to behave in a group environment and so that as owners you can help support and encourage each other. 

Your dog must be at least 5 months old.


Commands your dog will learn both on and off leash:


  • Heel- to walk calmly at your left side, pacing himself to your speed, enjoying the scenery, but paying attention to you   

  • Automatic sit- to sit automatically at heel when you stop walking.


  • Sit- to sit instantly on one command.


  • Down- to lie down instantly on one command.


  • Stay-to stay in a sitting, lying or standing position.


  • Come- to come instantly on one command.


  • Finish- to circle around into the heel position.


  • Stand for exam- to stand motionless while being examined (your vet will love you!)


To gain reliability, your dog will face the following distractions in class:


  • Other dogs and their handlers


  • Plates of raw hamburger


  • Billy goats


  • Rabbits


  • Bouncing balls, Female dogs in heat


  • Cans of cat food


Behavior problems are also addressed:


  • Biting


  • Chewing


  • Jumping up


  • Fighting


  • Separation anxiety


  • Digging


  • And many more...