Scotch Pines Policies 

As with any business I have guidelines that enable me to offer you as the customer the best experience possible, please bear with me as I list these policies:



1. Each class is very important and MUST not be missed! 

 If you do miss a class please access the videos that have been sent to you and follow those instructions. You cannot simply show up at class the following week as your dog will now be behind the class and it is unfair to everyone else for us to stop class to try and catch you and your pup up to the class.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WATCHING THE VIDEOS TO STAY CAUGHT UP AND TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS WHILE YOU WORK ON THEM.  You are welcome to come 1/2 hour early the following week to get some help on the material you worked on via the videos.  Homework is available with your training material online.

2. If your dog gets sick during the course of the class, leave them at home and come without them! You will learn just as much (and sometimes more) by just observing the class!

3. If you get sick you can send a family member/friend who has been watching you work with your dog and is familiar to the dog in your place. Or watch the videos and stay as caught up as you can. Send questions! 



4. Class is held in all weather! Please do not call/text/email to inquire if class will be held. If the weather is too extreme for you please watch the videos to make up the class. If there is any change to class in any way, an email will be sent out with details. If there is not an email from me, please do not text/email me to ask if there is class. I will not respond that soon before class. Check your email, that is where any changes will be.


5. Please never forget that you hired me to help you train your dog. I am here to help and offer 8 +years of dog training experience. I love working with my clients and I am here to help you succeed, however have had to set up some new policies around additional help. 

I work limited hours through out the week and value my family time outside of work. My time for lengthy phone/email/text consults are limited.  Emails are always preferred as I can work on them on and off as I have time. If there is something you need to discuss in depth or need more instruction, you can email to book a consult with me via zoom. Those are an additional cost. 

(1/2 hour via zoom  $35, 55 minutes via zoom $65)


No Charge:  I do have time before each class to take questions or help more in depth. I offer that 1/2 hour before your scheduled class. 

I have a Q and A time at the end of class to take any questions, please ask questions then.  Or if uncomfortable asking in the group, I take questions via the google classroom platform or an email if needed.

So please ask questions during our question and answer time, or send them via email.

If I get an email and feel the need to talk with you directly, I will set up a time to call(at no charge). 

I finish class on time and need to take a break before my next class or pack up and head home, so I do not take any questions(even quick ones). You want me fresh for your class, I need this break to be fresh for my next class.

6. You are responsible for keep up with the class.  We are adults and while I provide a lot of support and encouragement, I am here as your trainer and cannot hold your hand. You are responsible to show up ready for the next weeks lesson and to participate. I understand life is very busy, please know if you do not do the work, you will struggle in the course. Please set yourself and dog up for success by committing to working hard. 

We do offer a free pass to class for the life of your dog. This applies to dogs that finish the course(whether they are totally caught up or not) You need to finish the total class and you will receive the diploma. All dogs learn at a different pace. Some dogs are finished at the end of 8-9 weeks, but other dogs need some additional support and this is why we offer this. You can attend as many group sessions as you'd like--as LONG AS YOU COMPLETE YOUR FIRST COURSE.


This free pass to class offer also ONLY applies to the family that brings the dog through. IF YOU REHOME YOUR DOG FOR ANY REASON, THE PASS DOES NOT TRANSFER TO NEW OWNERS.


7. Refunds are only offered up until 1 week before class. Refunds or transferring to another class are not offered for ANY reason past that point, please do not ask.  Your registration saves your spot in this specific class and allows me to order all necessary equipment needed for class.  

If you stop attending class -- for any reason -- you must register and pay again to complete training. Keep coming, even if you are behind--you need to finish the course you signed up for to get the free pass to class.


I do understand life becomes busy with sports, vacations, work, etc, however that conflict is something that can be avoided by proper planning. (please reach out if you have a dog that ends up with a serious health issue, I do refund or transfer on a case by case basis)

Other than that--we DO NOT refund for ANY reason past 1 week before class starts.

I do appreciate your understanding of these policies.