Tuition for the 9 week obedience course is $299. Tuition includes all equipment for class, except for a 6 foot leash. Tuition is due the first day of class. Class is not discounted if you cannot attend the full session.

Refunds will not be given after the first day of our 9 week course, but are given up to three days before class starts.

Offered March-November. We close for winter as it is too dark and too cold for effective training time with your dog through out the week. 

After completion of the 9 week course, we offer training support free of charge for the life of your dog(only applies to family that takes dog through class, doesn't transfer if dog is rehomed). That includes attending the basic class again at any time, email, and phone support.     


We take Paypal and Venmo

We offer a double dog discount for dogs attending class from the same household.  The first dog is full price and each additional dog is $250.  Applies to group obedience class only.

We offer $100 off the 9 week course to all Veterinarians and Vet Techs. Applies to group obedience class only. ($199)

Tuition for the Aggression Management --$80 One on one-Rigby only. Offered year round.

Tuition for the Puppy Class --$50   Rigby only.  Offered year round.

Private lessons--$75 per lesson.

Classes scheduled in 5 consecutive weeks on leash only or 8 consecutive weeks on and off leash. All tuition due at time of first class and is nonrefundable after week 1. 

5 Week total- $375    

8 week total-$600 ( diploma for 8 week course will allow you to attend group class at no charge)

Classes follow what our group glass curriculum. Please see obedience tab for those details.

If you'd like more details or to schedule, please email through website.  Held at Scotch Pines Facility in Rigby only.  Limited availability, please email for possible start dates.