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Hi Sarah!


I didn't get a chance to talk to you last night, but both Jim and myself want to say THANK YOU :) Sierra is so much more confident outside our home now and it's such a wonderful thing to see. She is able to go out and about with us and she just radiates happiness. This wasn't Sierra's first training class and after feeling defeated in her last obedience class we didn't know what to do. We are so glad we found you and we really can't thank you enough for what you taught all of us. We are really just amazed at her progress and her reactivity issues are almost non-existent. You'll be pleased to know that Sierra got so many compliments on her good behavior when we went to the farmers market last week and she was very proud of herself. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!


- Tara, Jim and Sierra, summer 2020



THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! We have never been able to take Kali with us very many places because of her behavior. For the first time we took her to A HUGE community event last week that was held in a park and today we brought her to the lake. She was so well behaved!! Kali never barked at anyone and listened to us better than I ever even thought possible Your classes have been so great for us. She loves being able to go pretty much every where we go now. 


Just thought I'd let u know how awesome my dog was on our camping trip.....I was worried about him having so much freedom and open space to run or chase anything that had four legs!!  I couldn't have been more impressed with a dog....he would see something and take off on a chase of something with other dogs and all I had to do was holler 'Sammy come' ... and he would stop at a dead run and come back to me!(and other dogs would turn and follow him back too). Pretty amazed at him!  I could go on and on...even hand signals...he could be 50yards and I would raise my arm and he would down!  Actually real life events instead of just in more confined areas!   All my camper friends were completely impressed!   Even me!!  So really Sarah...thank you for the amazing class!  I'm forever thankful!

Linda and Sammy Spring 2017

Crush is our second Llewellyn Setter but is SO different than Goose, our Llewellyn that is one year older.  We were having the same issues with him as we did a year prior with Goose but he was also more distracted by squirrels, cats, etc.  Just your typical hard headed Setter things.  During homework and class of week four, it 'clicked' with him. He no longer struggled against the training and learned that it was easier to do what is asked of him the first time and not get the correction. Crush improved so much that we were able to win Top Dog for our class.  What a turnaround!  Goose went through the entire class again and has continued to make progress.  We have taken both to classes when we are able and they always love being around the other dogs in class and seem to always make improvements.  They are taken on runs around the greenbelt and are always complimented on how well they heel and behave.  Sarah has been great in giving us help and suggestions on anything dog related. She is an amazing asset to us and our dogs.  We can't recommend Sarah or Scotch Pines more highly.  

Richard, Shannon, Snow Goose and Orange Crush Croft (Summer 2017)

Oh my gosh Sarah...  I’m not sure how to thank you! 
I never, ever would have thought Macho could lay in a sea of dogs!
Even as a pup he has never been a social dog..  he’s just never liked other dogs and has had aggressive tendencies right from the beginning!
I was so nervous about the “dog pile”, but because of the training you taught us to teach and trust him...  he rocked it!
I’m so impressed with each class! 
You’ve helped us to know how to handle touchy dog situations with the proper reprimand!  Im so proud of how far he has come!!
You told us from night one you would know if we were all doing our homework..  and it’s so true..  if you put in the work, you will succeed!!
I’m certain we will come back after graduation to refresh!!!
With dog piles of gratitude!!!!
The Voigt Family!!! (2018)

Sarah is awesome!
We first attended her puppy class. We took away some great tools from that class.
Our young Siberian Husky just graduated as “Top Dog” from the 9week obedience course. The classes were fun hands on training aimed at us owners and our beloved pups. I researched a while before deciding on Scotch Pines. So glad we found them as this is our second Siberian Husky. I never thought it possible to have an off leash Husky. Well I can tell you first hand we are well on our way with this one. I cannot put into words my gratitude towards Sarah and her wonderful husband who helped out in the more difficult sessions.
I highly recommend Scotch Pines!!

Randy and Kia 2018

We have taken both of our separately rescued German Shepherds here and it has changed our lives! One had severe separation anxiety and no longer tears the house up or howls for hours on end while we are gone. The other, a 100lb puppy with way too much energy, into everything, jumping, ignoring every command, etc. now lounges around the house and properly greets people when they come over.
When we go on walks I am confident and can trust them to be off leash. They sit when we stop without a command and immediately start up again when we continue walking - right by our side. They can be in a stay and we walk away from them, even go out of sight, and will not move until we call them.
People stop us all the time to give compliments on our well behaved dogs and we owe it all to this class!
Sarah has always been available when we had any questions even when we weren’t in class and we have gone back multiple times for “refresher” courses.
I was pregnant with our first baby when we got the puppy and they both are so sweet and love children. It helped them with the transition and also allowed us to calm them when they got over protective of the baby.
I can’t say enough good things about this course! I recommend it to ANYONE with a dog. Even well behaved dogs will benefit from this class. It is so freeing to be able to trust your dog no matter where you are or who/what comes into contact with us.

Bearnson Family 2017

I'm so very pleased with Sarah and this class. I brought my eighteen month old shelter pup because she was having fear aggression issues- hiding, running, growling at strange people and dogs, etc. Now her fear issues are much more under control; she will heel off leash and walk calmly past all sorts of new things. She's much happier and I now actually look forward to taking her for walks. Two thumbs way up.

Lexi and Skye 2017

Cali is a 1 year old lab mix.  She is very energetic and loved to greet people by jumping on them and basically not leaving them alone.  She wouldn't listen to commands unless she wanted to, which wasn't often.  Not many people enjoyed being around her because she was so crazy.  I also have family members that could be seriously injured if she jumped on them and knocked them over.  My husband and I felt like something needed to be done or we would have to find Cali a new home.  We were in over our heads.       We were hesitant to spend the money on dog training because we weren't sure if it was going to work, but we decided to take the plunge.  I am so glad we did.  Cali is a completely different dog.  I can take her on walks without her pulling or whining and barking at other dogs.  She greets people who come to our door politely.  I am happy to take her places,  it no longer stresses me out.

         We took her this 4th of July weekend to my in-laws home.  Everyone was impressed at her behavior.  I had many compliments from both family and strangers.  We took her to the park for some of the celebrations and Cali stayed right by my side, even when other dogs came over to greet her.  I was comfortable dropping her leash if I needed two hands to help my kids.  I guess long story short is that we saw amazing results using Scotch Pines Dog Training.  It was completely worth it.


Karen and Cali--Spring 2016 Rigby

Arcee was about 10 mo old when we went to our first Scotchpines class with Sarah. Arcee was AWFUL. It was winter, I had to lift her in/out of my SUV.  When I opened the door I grabbed the leash just in time for her to drag me along the  parking lot on my hands and knees. I got a little bloody.  I did get into class and I tearily told Sarah I didn't know if I could keep Arcee. She talked me into not giving up, showed me how to get Arcee to jump into SUV on her own and by the end of FIRST class I turned this large dog into one I could bond much better with by my becoming a much more confident leader. BTW I was 67 and had back surgery six weeks prior.  Now Arcee is not perfect yet, yes she is a lot of dog for me. But I am 'tuning' her up in the April class and I wouldn't part with her for anything.   She is so changed I may make her my service dog!  Sarah is a truly gifted dog trainer and I feel so lucky I found her. ---Kathy and Arcee, Jan 2016


First off, Sarah is awesome! My husband and I enrolled our puppy Kiara simply because she couldn't grasp what NO meant and we were slowly losing our patience! I was amazed at the puppy that graduated 9 weeks later! Sarah not only trained us at class but she is available by phone or email all the time and has the best advice for simple problems. You honestly can't get a better deal! When you sign on, you get an amazing trainer and friend for life!--Chelsea Chavez and Kiara, Sept 2015


This class worked wonders for my pups. I will admit there is a bit of work but the work pays off big time!!! She was amazing about taking time to answer any questions and was supportive to help make even the silliest puppies behave and learn. I was amazed at the progress of the entire class! Thank you! Thank you Sarah! I can now take my pups for the hikes and activities I always wanted to and not worry about them taking off!--Ashley Necaise, Hank and Ranger   Sept 2015


Thanks Sarah! 
Trixie is a new dog. Twenty minutes ago I told her to get "down", then "stay". Now she's sound asleep at my feet, while I sit at the kitchen table. I HIGHLY recommend both you as an instructor and Scotch Pines as an obedience school.
Steve & Trixie—2015 Winter


Best training a dog can have! Our dog Barry has improved a lot in little time. Very effective training.

-Wolfgan and Barry—2015 winter


Scotch Pines dog training took my relationship with my dog from him just being an extra headache to take care of to my buddy. It has given him the freedom to go from being tied up while I was at work all day to being able to come to work with me (I work outside in the agriculture industry).  Koda kind of landed in my lap and I just couldn’t say no, he has always been sweet but when I got him he had had at least 2 owners and had spent a few months at a shelter. He was 3 years old, dog aggressive, and had an “I only hear you when I want to” attitude. Scotch Pines gave me the tools and environment to break his aggression to the point that he could lay down and stay in a group surrounded by 20 other dogs- big ones, little ones, males, females, intact males- with no leash on any of them! He respects me now, when we are walking and he’s sniffing around something nasty, I can tell him to “Leave it” and he does! One of the best fringe benefits that I have come to appreciate is that I can brush his hair while he stands, sits or lays still! Before the class, it turned into play wrestling time, and I just ended up with hair all over me tired of messing with it and he was never brushed out. I heard about Scotch Pines through a mutual friend of Sarah’s and mine, because of my work schedule I could not attend all of the classes. Sarah was training her second dog, Captain and she herself was going through the class again to work towards opening Scotch Pines Denver. She agreed to meet with me outside of class on the weeks that I missed and work with Koda and I on the things covered in class that week. Sarah has a great, positive demeanor and does a great job of explaining what we are doing and why we are implementing each new part of the Scotch Pines Method. She knew when Koda and I both needed encouragement and when we needed a firmer hand. I credit her with our being confident enough to finish the class and our ability to keep up. There was one week when we were especially struggling and she worked with us until we got it down, I think we were working on the placement for Koda heeling. She was tough enough on us that we kept going and she celebrated with us when we got it! Whether your dog has major aggression issues or just likes to pretend he doesn’t hear you sometimes, I would recommend Scotch Pines Dog Training to you! It is an investment of time and money, but I looked at it as an investment in the next 10 years of my life with my dog. He truly is my best buddy now, people often comment on how sweet and calm of a dog he is and how much he just loves me. He loved me before, and I him, but now I know how to be the leader and he wants to please me. I will never have another dog that is out of control, I will go through Scotch Pines with any dog I ever own, whether it is 6 months old or 10 years old. It is worth the effort, you will gain a freedom and a trust with your dog that can’t be matched.

                                                                                We Love Scotch Pines and Sarah! –Tessa and Koda


"I was a "first timer" at Scotch Pines with Della, my French Bulldog. I have always had labs that were pretty trainable with minimal effort. Potty training Della took 3 months and most of the credit went to our chocolate lab, Deuce. I needed help!! I had one immediate goal, I wanted Della to stop jumping on people, including little kids. I was shocked that this issue was resolved after the first class! The training methods taught by Scotch Pines, combined with practicing the homework lessons will have you amazed at your dogs transformation. Scotch Pines turned Della into a well behaved dog, that loves everyone she meets in between her naps, while hanging out at our health food store. Sarah was a fantastic trainer, so much so that Della almost made it in to compete for top dog in class. Not bad for a small breed. This was money very well spent!! Thanks for everything Sarah and Scotch Pines!!"--Allison Wear


"As a veterinarian I highly recommend Scotch Pines Dog Training. A bond of loyalty is created by the humane training methods." 

Dr. Swane, Pet Haven Veterinary Clinic.


" I have seen graduates from other obedience classes and there is no comparison. Scotch Pines is the only school I will recommend to our clients."

Julia Bowen, Kindness Small Animal Center


 "I feel it would be difficult to find any way your school could do a better job than you are already doing.I would not hesitate to recommmend your school to anyone."

 Dr. Carlson, Northwest Animal Hospital


"Scotch Pines courses are informative and fun. Best of all, they produce tremendous results."

Dr. Norman, Ontario Animal Hospital


I highly recommend Scotch Pines Dog Training. I have observed other training methods and have not seen the good results from these as from Scotch Pines."

Dr. Wilkins, Gem Veterinary Clinic


 "I have come to rely heavily on Scotch Pines for both behavioral couseling and obedience training. I recommend them to my clients because I see excellent results."

 Dr. Wethered, Ewing Animal Hosptial


"Scotch Pines Dog Training is well known and highly recommended by this department."

Rick Skelly, Fruitland Chief of Police


"I have taken 4 dogs through Scotch Pines. April's training offers many dogs a second chance. I strongly recommend Scotch Pines. This method is humane and one of the only ones I have seen work successfully over and over."

Becky Gallegos CVT

Hospital Manager, Eagle Animal Clinic


"The training methods of [Scotch Pines] are serious, but not harsh or inhumane. Many dogs lives have been saved because of the training methods Scotch Pines recommends.

 Jan Zimmerman, Director Canyon Co. Animal Shelter


"Your program is a step above, and it would be a bargain at twice the price. I will continue to recommend your services to anyone who asks.

 Dr. Bauscher, Canyon Small Animal