At Scotch Pines, we believe that true obedience must extend beyond the 6 foot leash. Gates get left open, leashes slip, and even in your own backyard. REAL LIFE is off-leash. Our goal is to instill off-leash reliability, regardless of the distractions. To test our training, we bring a rabbit, goat, raw hamburger, and cat food to class. Your dog’s greatest distraction is other dogs, so a group class, with up to 30 dogs and handlers, provides an ideal setting for him to learn to listen to YOU no matter what the circumstances. We train for serious obedience, but you and your dog will have fun. It requires hard work and perseverance but the reward is incredible! 9 weeks is a short time compared to the life of your dog! If you love your dog make the commitment to help him live up to his potential as an obedient, trustworthy companion.

Our large group classes have ended for the year, we are offering a small group option.  For times, please see the book now tab.


​Outline of class--On leash 5 week Group lessons


Week 1– leash pulling, get the dog ready to be in the heel position.  Start the sit

Week 2– heel, automatic sit and down

 Week 3– stay

Week 4– come

Week 5– real life come/graduation 

All commands are taught on leash and on leash only, no commands will be addressed off leash in these classes. 


​Our small groups are put together at this time to get people through the winter until

Our large group classes start again in the Spring, or for people who want the on leash obedience only. 

 Those that complete the small group class can opt to come to the large group class for the off leash portion when we restart next season.  You would attend from week 5 -9. That is an additional $200 and would be due the day you attend the group class. More details will be discussed at the small classes.


​With our small group classes, we do not offer drop ins like we do with our large group classes as we can only accommodate so many people at our location and with Covid precautions we have in place. We are not allowing drop ins of graduates for the small groups, you are still very welcome at our large group classes. 


On leash only class 5 weeks  $175


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Our 9 Week Course Will Change Your Life!!! 


As the trainer and owner of Scotch Pines, I love the atmosphere of our group obedience classes. It allows all of us to learn and grow together. You will not only have my support as the trainer, but the support of everyone else in the class! Each week as we meet together, we will have the opportunity to encourage and support each other as we go through the process of training. By the end of the 9 week course you will have an amazingly obedient dog, a better relationship with your canine friend, and a group of friends who helped you get there. I invite you to join us, and discover the joys of having a happy, obedient dog!   




Sarah Crozier         

Why Choose Scotch Pines?


We know you have many options when it comes to dog training, so why should you trust us with your business? 


Most specialized training courses, like Scotch Pines, are out of the price range of the average family. We think that is the wrong way to do business. Unlike others, we want the family to be our valued customers, this means that we offer lower prices. At Scotch Pines we don't think you should have to break the bank to train the family dog.


At Scotch Pines we are less concerned with making a profit, and more concerned with helping you understand how to train your dog. We focus on being in the real world and things that will happen in everyday life.


We teach group obedience classes because many owners have similar struggles with their dogs. As a result, the group environment gives each class member support as we overcome problems, and find success together.


Being a Scotch Pines graduate means you and your dog are ready for the distractions you will face in the real world. Because this is a serious challenge, Sarah works as hard as she can to get you and your dog to that point. She will take calls to answer your questions throughout the week, as well as before and after classes.


But our service does not stop at graduation. Sarah welcomes any questions you may have after graduation. we welcome graduates to keep in touch. Also all graduated dogs are welcome to attend future classes free of charge, to help keep the training fresh in the minds of the dog and the owner. We enjoy this because we want other to see that the training really works! We also like to brag about our graduates, because they are the best!


You will not regret selecting Scotch Pines Dog Training. Our 9 week course will lead to a life time of support for you and your dog!








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